When Infants join our family, we understand and empathize on how hard this is sometimes on families.

Here at Alphabet Zoo we offer an extended, optional, 2 weeks transition time for children under the age of 18 months *.

During the first week we offer "Getting to know You and Your infant" time where parents and guardians are allowed to join us at the centre during that 1st week of the 2 week transition to observe the centre and staff and our programs. This transition plan could look like this:

Day 1 - just 15 minutes with your infant sitting on your laps whist we do story or circle time.

Day 2 - a 30 minute visit where you may like to play with some toys, read a book and allow your little one to explore and interact with the other infants

Day 3 - 30 minute visit but adults can only stay for 15 of those minutes then must say goodbye, leave the centre, you can wait in the car or go for a walk then return 15 minutes later to collect your child

Day 4 - 1 hour visit this time, you are to "drop off, say goodbye and go" then return one hour later to collect your precious one

Day 5 - 1 hour 30 minutes, same as day four

By week 2 your child will have developed a sense of the different noises, smells, staff and other children which will help the transition for week 2 much easier for both family and child

Week 2 starts with 2 hours Monday, 3 hours Tuesday, 4 hours Wednesday, 5 hours Thursday, 6 hours Friday so by week 3 and their 1st full month both yourselves and your child should feel comfortable and confident, yourself ready for work and your child ready to play and learn.

All of the above is optional, please feel free to speak to us so we can help design a transition plan for you and your child.

* Ratios and scheduling permitting